Sex Therapy



What is Sex Therapy?

“Many people are expecting to have high desire for whatever forms of sex are available. There is little questioning of which kinds of sex one is expected to desire. It has been a quantity-focused discourse. The reality is that those who refuse to settle are creating the foundations for having sex worth wanting” – Peggy Kleinplatz.

No wonder that there is desire discrepancy among so many couples. A lack of communication along with our society’s absent education about relationship sets us up for a difficult sexual journey. Sexual Myths are everywhere and we aim to extinguish the myths along with their miserable effects on your love life. At Couple Health we are intrigued to help you to find your individual and couple sexual expression and the pleasure of your deepest emotional and physical intimacy. Start now, refuse to settle.

Sex Therapy involves a range of therapeutic processes and exercises which can be used to initiate, to restore and to enrich both the individual’s sexuality and/or the sexual components of an intimate relationship.

Sex therapy is based on the guiding belief that:

  • sexuality can be a healthy, positive and rewarding part of life
  • emotional & physical intimacy are desirable goals

There are so many ways to address this. I invite you to explore the possibilities for a happier, sensual self; whatever that means for you.

For couples and individuals:

  • individual and couple relationship issues
  • unmatched sexual desire
  • sexual dysfunction
  • sexual dissatisfaction

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