Women’s Groups

Groucho Girls (1)

Here’s an invitation for you connect to and heal with other women.

We believe finding our inner SASS is really about becoming more of who we already are, about talking back to the little voice inside our heads who tells us we aren’t good enough, or beautiful enough, or enough of what we think the world wants from us.

It’s about freeing our spirits and finding joy and treating ourselves with as much respect and kindness as we treat other people we love.

It’s about living our sassier selves.

Discover our SASS Class Retreats and Women’s Support Group.

Email office@couplehealth.ca to request more information and to be added to the mailing list for SASS CLASS.

Please contact me by email at  leah@couplehealth.ca stating briefly your situation, concern, and which city may be most convenient to you for an appointment.  You can also leave a confidential voice mail at 519-632-7444 including the phone number where you can be reached.  I will make every effort to return a call within 36 hours.