What days and times are appointments available?

Kitchener: Monday, Tuesday and Friday
Stratford:  Wednesday
Appointment times are flexible. Limited early evening hours are available. Your availability for daytime appointments ensures a sooner session.

What are your rates and does insurance cover visits?

The rate for a counselling hour (50 minutes) is 160. Because of my status as a registered social worker there are no taxes applicable on these services. The couple sessions are typically 2 hours for 320 – you will only be charged for time used.  Intensive appointments can provide greater convenience than shorter more frequent appointments.

If you have EAP or Employee Benefits, please check these questions with the Employee Assistance Program Provider or your company’s Human Resources services:

  • Do I have coverage for counselling with a registered social worker?
  •  What is my allowable coverage total per person per year?

As a registered Social Worker, I provide receipts that include my registration number for reimbursement on approved Employee Assistance Plans. You need to check your EAP plan to ensure you have coverage for a registered therapist or registered social worker. If you have no coverage, the receipts are still useful for income tax use. Please note, I am a Social Worker not a psychologist.

Since September 26, 2012 counseling services provided by a Registered Social Worker (RSW) can be claimed as a medical expense when filing your income tax return. In other words, Registered Social Workers are now authorized “medical practitioners” for the purposes of claiming medical expenses.

Does Couple Health offer a sliding scale system?

No, sorry to say Couple Health is not a subsidized counselling service.  Subsidized counselling agencies (that may offer a sliding scale fee) include: Carizon Family and Community Services (formerly Mosaic Counselling and Family Services), K-W CounsellingLutherwood, Cambridge and North Dumfries Family Counselling, and Perth Huron Family Services.  If cost is a deterrent you may want to contact us for consideration of group work.

Is therapy confidential?

In general the law protects the confidentiality of all conversations between a client and a social worker.

I do not disclose information without your written permission. However, there are some rare exceptions to this rule (all involving risk and/or emergency) such as:

  • An intent to harm one’s self or others (including risk of harm to children and dependents)
  • Disclosure of harm by a health professional (no matter how long ago)
  • A court order

What can I expect in a therapy session?

During sessions, we will be talking about the your main concerns. In your first session, we will talk about the nature of your issues, how they affect you and what your hopes are for therapy.  Sometimes relevant resources are recommended. Therapy works best when you are an active participant both in and outside of the therapy sessions. I suggest you bring a notebook to capture our meaningful ideas for further reflection.

How does therapy help?

Working with a counsellor can expand the ways you are able to see and experience your situation. Together we will explore new ideas to help you to manage stress, increase balance and enhance your life.

What if my partner won’t come for counselling?

I work with individuals and couples on all types of relationships and related issues issues. An individual session may be quite helpful for someone to consider their own ideas and feelings. This can move the process along as one partner tries out new behaviours and gets fresh ideas over how to handle difficult situations. Sometimes a partner will want to join in counseling. Even if the other partner doesn’t attend it can be a very useful experience to have individual counseling for relationship issues.

Please contact me by email at  leah@couplehealth.ca stating briefly your situation, concern, and which city may be most convenient to you for an appointment.  You can also leave a confidential voice mail at 519-632-7444 including the phone number where you can be reached.  I will make every effort to return a call within 36 hours.