Sex Therapy



What is Sex Therapy?

Sex Therapy involves a range of therapeutic processes and exercises which can be used to initiate, to restore and to enrich both the individual’s sexuality and/or the sexual components of an intimate relationship.

Sex therapy is based on the guiding belief that:

  • sexuality can be a healthy, positive and rewarding part of life
  • emotional & physical intimacy are desirable goals

There are so many ways to address this. I invite you to explore the possibilities for a happier, sensual self; whatever that means for you.

For couples and individuals:

  • individual and couple relationship issues
  • unmatched sexual desire
  • sexual dysfunction
  • sexual dissatisfaction

Please contact me by email at stating briefly your situation, concern, and which city may be most convenient to you for an appointment.  You can also leave a confidential voice mail at 519-632-7444 including the phone number where you can be reached.  I will make every effort to return a call within 36 hours.